Classic SeaCraft Auction

In support of Our Theories & Beer !

I mean the "FORUM"


Here I am Juz' Wait'n for Ms. Hurricane Katrina to BLOW Over!

So while I have electricity & Phones I'll put some Frenzie Lures on the Block.

This is the Metal "2" Piece / quick change lure.

You will get  ;


2.5oz. Super Shower Head,

Black / Purple (Looks Blue)?? Hair skirt

Blue / Pink Vinyl / rubber Skirt w / neck removable for other vinyl's / replacements

Chartreuse / Blue Mylar Skirt cut to length

All will interchange with the Head.

I will swap colors or Head styles (e-mail Me)

I will also include a Frenzie logo (Red , Black , White ) Your choice !

A BOTTLE / Can opener for YOUR favorite beverage ( Heavy enough to persuade Jet Skiers to stay their Distance!)


UPS Shipping ! Ground

* Quarter NOT included!

All Ya owe Me ? A Few Pictures of the Catches You Make !!!!!!!! ( for the Frenzie Gallery!)

Photo Gallery  


Auction Begins as Soon as Ya see this & ENDs @ 2100 Hrs / 9:00 PM

on the


Unless "Spider" or Jason wishes to Xtend !

Well the Lec'tricity is a Blink'n ~ Light'n Flash'n

Water's gett'n HIGH now , No Water in the House (I know what that means).

Winds whipping round 80+ Tree's I can hear a fall'n !

I'll post some pic's later in the Morn (Maybe).

Scream'n Reel's


Good Bidd'n !

Update 124 mph winds , almost 4 hrs.3 tree's on the house

  no major damage (that I can tell).Water in the streets up to Your knees

Watch out La. ! Looks like She may come Your way!

I've called the family there just as I did for Andrew!

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