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Specializing in custom, handcrafted and personalized
"High Speed Trolling Lures" & "2" Piece Quick Change Metal Heads

Frenzie Lures, Inc. 

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Details about our "Handmade Lures."  I.G.F.A.

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Click image or style name to view ours lures available.

These are standard & "outta the Blue colors"

The Frenzies are Temporarily taken out of the store,

They are traveling the Tourny circuit,

If Your looking for a special color / style e-mail Us the choice. We will send a photo back !

To Customize a Frenzie go to   Custom Frenzies

Bullets (Pointed Face)
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New "Longer Head" Design !

Bullets (Pointed Face)
  • Run in all sea conditions
  • Great for rough sea conditions
  • Work best when trolled with other lures
  • Smooth swimming
  • Runs as a weak bait fish making it an easy target
  • Troll speeds - from slow to high 8-20mph
  • Can run with bait, downrigger.
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Chuggers (Concave Face)
  • Good in all sea conditions
  • Great smoker and vibration
  • Pops through the water creating noise and smoke
  • Troll speeds - from slow to medium
Plungers (Angle/Slanted Face)
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Plungers (Angle/Slanted Face)
  • Best in calm to light seas
  • Great action, Splash
  • Skips through water
  • Troll speeds - from slow to medium
Pusher (Flat Face)
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Tried & True since 1974

Pusher (Flat Face)
  • All sea conditions
  • Runs straight/smoker
  • Can run with bait
  • Best all around lure
  • All speeds 8-20mph
  • The Original !!

Platypus in Action !

Click photo !

In the Up will Dive down & Zig Zag.


  •  All sea conditions
  • Best off center
  • wide zig-zag underwater
  • occasional run on top water
  • Great teaser 
  • 6-12 mph
  • erratic runner WILD

       This Lure runs side to side underwater 

       will flip over & run on top. Lots of action!

       Great teaser run w/ a stinger as it will get Hit !!

        Lots of room for custom wording or Logo. 

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Feeding Frenzie !!

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WSC KeyWest 04 004.jpg (50403 bytes)  Cowboy

(Barrel/split angled head, Scooped)

  • Light to Med. Seas
  • slow zig-zag action
  • Hi straight runner with spray
  • Great all around lure
  • a lure to leave in @ all times
Img_0232.jpg (66812 bytes) Hula Hula (cigar shape w/skirts)
  • All sea conditions
  • Straight Runner
  • can run w / bait
  • Wahoo-Tuna-Dolphin
  • 9" overall
Peanut (Barrel Shaped)
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Peanut (Barrel Shaped)
  • Barrel Shaped
  • Similar to Pusher, with more side-to-side action
  • Good for all speeds
  • Can run with bait


"2" Piece Heads Kwik Change !

 2 piece heads all 016.jpg (119636 bytes) 

I.G.F.A. auction lures

This a complete line up of Frenzie's


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Frenzie Lures, Inc. Melbourne, Florida 32935 -

 Phone   321-506-8930 ~ E-mail: feeding@frenzie.com