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Sea Craft Project



I.G.F.A. Auction & Banquet 

 20th Anniversary International Auction & Banquet
Online bidding ends at
9:00 AM (EST) January 26, 2004

Congratulations to Tedd Amberg from Naples, Fl. !!!

Just caught a 37# Dolphin /Mahi Mahi

on the Giant Pusher !!

He had the Winning Bid @ the Banquet

for Last Year !!

igfa16lures.jpg (31074 bytes)



Now for 



Click photo's for a better/Larger look at the selection of  This Years IGFA/Frenzie's


This Years LineUp !


Bullet-Black/Red (All)

Pusher-Flour.Orange/Black (All Glow'er)

Plunger - Blue/Pink - White

Cowboy - Mexican Flag  -Green/ gold - red


IGFA 04 002.jpg (397972 bytes)

Another line up !!

All Frenzies are Double Skirted & Tied on !

Win any Tourny on any Frenzie any Time & Get a Custom Made Frenzie !

Your Name, Boat, or Logo & Choice of Color/s !

Just e-mail Photo w/Lure & Fish , Tourny Won w / Details !



IGFA 04 007.jpg (38155 bytes)

Platypus !

Wild Runner !

 Zigzag  & Up - Down


IGFA 04 008.jpg (61481 bytes)


Glow Head

Fluorescent Orange/Black & Glow Outer

Green Glow Inner

 Just Added with the Frenzie Lure Package

                       Lure Mesh Bag

Aprox. 39" L. x 91/4" w ,  "4" - Pockets 7" x 8 1/2" usable space.

"4" bungee cords w/Bungee Quick Tie Downs  easy release.


"4" large pockets ,Designed to hold Rigged/Unrigged Frenzie's, Can hold up to 3 each pocket, More not Rigged !Mesh/Wash thru design will drain water out. No Mold'y Smell / Spots. Easy access to Lures at any Time. No Flaps to fumble with . Just open pocket first time (Velcro) then lightly close will open quick for that Lure change. Will mount in any direction Vertical / Horizontal. Longer Bungee cords (w/tie down) can be used for custom fit.

Velcro closure for folding. 

Just click on the Photo's below for a better view & all the  different mounting possibilities !

Thanks to "Woody" for the use of His "New" Boat on such a quick notice for photo's !

(Woody's Frenzie's & Boat are not INCLUDED with the Auction !!)

4 Frenzie Lure Bag 002.jpg (41162 bytes)4 Frenzie Lure Bag 004.jpg (70660 bytes)4 Frenzie Lure Bag 006.jpg (49778 bytes)4 Frenzie Lure Bag 005.jpg (35509 bytes) 4 Frenzie Lure Bag 008.jpg (26302 bytes)4 Frenzie Lure Bag 007.jpg (59021 bytes)4 Frenzie Lure Bag 009.jpg (44846 bytes)

After Bidding on the Frenzie Lure pack Register for a Free Frenzie Here !

I.G.F.A. Auction

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