Hurricane Charley Water Run

1/2/3 Trips down !! 

This site is Updated with/after every trip ! Check Back !

All Monies collected will go to Hurricane Water Support.& Needed supplies!

West Coast & Surrounded Hit Area's!

C7500 20' Flatbed is Donated By 

Blake Chevrolet & Cadillac. & All Fuel


I , Brad O'Dell & Dean Rogers riding shotgun will be Driving over , 2 or More trips. No $$ will be used for Truck, Fuel or Wages.

The pallets are 180 gals. at $90.00 per pallet . "8" pallets per Trip. This is an approx. 4 Hour run one way. (Depending on the RAIN cutting across the Everglades-"Alligator" alley) 1440 gals. (bottles) $720.00 per load.

Pete Blake & Al Clow asked Me if I would like to drive a load of water over to the west coast, I talked about doing something like this the Night before with My Wife, as  most  people that were involved with Hurricane Andrew wanted to help in some way. It was an Instant YES! The 1st 2 Loads of water, 16 Pallets were donated by several local business's &  individuals .I built this site to get a pallet of water donated. I placed a link on the Classic Seacraft site. That's how this ALL got started. Well, here comes the Help ! I got a few  donations ,then more, to the point  that I could get enough for a 3rd Load. I made a few e-mails & more came in ! I asked if I could use the Truck if I got enough donations for a 3rd load, Well , I did & the story is below.

This site jumps around a lil' bit, I worked on it after each trip, so its been changed & added to at diff. stages. Most that know Me can Understand this ! It's all Below !

I want to Thank Publix for giving Us a Great Deal on The Water !!

& meeting Me at 04:00 to help load it up. 24 pallets in all !

SUBWAY for a Great deal on "Sub's" ! 

I gave them a Very short notice & I think They may have broke the record on  Making the Sub's ! 40 in less than  20  Min.'s!

28700 S. Dixie Hwy. Homestead , Fl.


Any Contribution would be Helpful !

Being a Member of the "Hurricane Andrew" Club I cannot stress the Importance of Fresh Drinking Water !

This is being done thru the "Red Cross" Using their Drop off points Only


1st trip 8/17

* After Unloading the Water at the Red Cross Drop off point We learned that water was just  sitting. After letting the "Chief"  know that I had a 20'  26,000 # Flatbed outside  at 8 am, "What Supplies do You have , And Where do they need to go?! We loaded water back up (an earlier load that had been sitting for 2 days) & took it to the 2nd Red Cross Distribution Site. Where I  was told that  it would just Sit again. They wanted small drinking bottles instead of Gallons  I was also told the water must stay in Lee county.? Hmm I remember wanting to Drink water out of a Ditch after 3-4 Days! Couldn't be much diff. there.?

* Our 1st load from Tuesday was still there, 1st drop-off site on Thursday 8/19.

* Water still there after 3rd load 8/24 ! Boy0Boy Don't get Me started on this one !

They sure need Transportation/delivery Help ! at the Arico Arena in Ft. Myers, Fl. A lot of supplies waiting for delivery. They seem to have had a bad Distribution problem, No Trucks or Man Power to deliver.

We're taking the water ourselves to the People in need. The Red Cross is Busy assisting in warm food & other needed services!

I decided at this point to Take the water to the People that needed it Most, So off We went to Punta Gorda. We went to  a lot of neighborhoods & Hand delivered it to all that We saw & came out ! We where offered cash from a few for fuel, water etc. NO Money would even be considered ! We planned to go back & get the 1st load We dropped off But Time went by& it was too late.

We logged over 100 miles of Neighborhood Driving! We left at 0500 hrs & returned after 22:30(8:30pm) hrs.1440 gals of water was given  out !


We now have a 2nd load of water (Thanks!) going to another hard hit area Arcadia,& Surrounding areas, again We are going straight to the Neighborhoods that are in distress! The donations (Water) are being taken directly to the people as most have lost their vehicles and can't go to the Drop-off sites.

2nd Run 8/19


   After leaving Wal-Mart(12:30 am) trying to Negotiate a Lil' Break on the cost for Skeeter spray ,Couldn't get a penny off. So I bought 40 cans.& a case of Baby Wipes . I loaded up at 04:30 then We hit the road, Well another 500+ Miles & 1440 Bottles / Gals. of water !

Whew ! gett'n too Old ! Starting to Creak !Thank Goodness for Chiropractors & Masseuses.  We are doing this non-stop, eating on the drive.

    On the way to Arcadia (hwy 17)We stopped at a few homes & trailer parks passing out the water. From West Arcadia thru (small town in-between) Punta Gorda its really bad. We ended up going deeper into the Country ,Found a trailer Park & some homes that still had Dirt Roads (Below) ! Even more Homes way out there too. I asked an elderly lady of the Help or other items She needed & She said We were the 1st People that's come by ! We dropped off water at the few small drop off sites Churches/Clubs etc. that We would spot. There's a lot of places way back that are not being visited, This is where were headed next. In the photo's below There were trees still blocking roads & They had to hold power lines up for Me to get under. Photo's below.

    I will wait till the weekend (Crowds, Media etc.) is over & go Tuesday, 3rd load, by then the weekend help will probably have slowed, Again I want to go deep, I Have 70 Gals of fuel & A Truck that Will not Stop ! Were slow'n down a lil' But the Good is keeping Us going !

Again Thanks for all The Help to make this Happen !!


Thanks to a large Donation that I asked to be turned into Supplies will be taken this 3rd trip. I'll even be followed by a Couple of Xtra Men to Help !

I have a partial 3rd !! load. If it doesn't fill up I will purchase Bug Spray (Skeeters will be coming Quick) ! & Baby necessities. Ladies You are not going to left out this 3rd trip ! . This has all been purchased by a Group, Just trying to fill with water !

Even Dog & Cat food (Dry) We learned from experience that When some could not feed their animals they were let loose ! 

We were asked for these items by a few. I have Xtra room for 2  pallets on each load for lighter items. Water -Pallets are approx. 13,000#s.



If anyone has connections at getting ,Diapers ,Wipes, Bug Spray PLEASE get them in Touch with Me ! A 3rd Load will be leaving next week ,Tuesday-Thursday. I DO NOT WANT TO GO 1/2 LOADED ! The truck & Fuel Has been Donated, I want No WASTE! And Will not come Back with ANYTHING !!!

3rd Run 8/24 (12 Year Anniversary Andrew )!

We left at 0500 again Tuesday Morn. Another 8 pallets of water, We met up with Allan & Rod on Alligator Alley (with additional supplies). We headed straight to E. Punta Gorda & W. Arcadia We found quite a few Trailer Parks that were totally Devastated. There were also many homes that were really bad off in these areas also. We helped as many people out as We could, The areas are pretty scattered out in that part of the Country. We dropped off water & Supplies at a Salvation Army site That was helping a lot of Migrant Workers & Others that were in need. We then found Church that We dropped off the remainder of water & Supplies. These 2 places were there to help & would see that all got out. (Oh by the Way We only had 2 people ask us for small Drinking water bottles? Think the Drivers Just didn't want to handle the bigger bottles?

All was excepted with Many Thanks, Again. 

  A List follows of the Contributors (below), If preferred Use Initials if You do not want Your Name used. Also I will have available on request. Receipts of all purchases. This will follow when completed/Last run is made !

* I will stop the donation's as soon as I reach enough for the 3rd Load, I do not want an excess of money. 

 Thank Everyone for their Contributions !!! 

3rd load is  Pre-paid to get this special price .Its ordered, I pick up Mon. Night  08/23 & Deliver Tuesday 08/24, Departing at 5:00 am. This will go to the people on the fringes of Punta Gorda & west Arcadia 0n Hwy 17.Of course We do not know where We will actually End up as We drive till We see neighborhoods or people..... 


Again Thanks to  EveryONE !!!

NO  More needed ! NO More ! Again this will Be CLOSELY monitored as I Do Not Want eXtra $$$$.All is paid for.

See Below !

Credit Card / Pay Pal pay below

Donations Have STOPPED !!!!


Mail to: 

Frenzie Lures Inc.

P.O. Box 1415


305-322-8081 Call w/ any ?'s or request, Ideas.

Please e-mail or call to let Me know the $ is coming so I can keep track. I will shut down the Donation when reached ! Done ! Finished !

Also Put Hurricane Charley Donation on check !


Ready to Roll with 1st Load of Water !!

Getting Ready for 2nd Load !

See below for 2nd load "Happenings"

Getting Ready for 3rd Load ! 8/24

3rd Load Completed !!

THANKS !!!!!


Scream'n Reels' Wheels'

'04 c7500 25,950#  GVWR 20' Flat Bed  6.6 Duramax  D.  6 speed

Supplied by 

Blake Chevrolet & Cadillac

Homestead , Fl.

Driving: Capt. Brad O'Dell

Riding Shotgun Dean Rogers

A total of 1448 Miles were Logged for this trip!


$$ Contributors $$

No Particular order; The amounts are listed below as a group.

Do not want this to become a competition.


Want to Thank ALL the CSC'rs !! Classic SeaCraft Club ! 

"Capt. Chuck"  Steele "CSC" , Jason "Trayder" Goldfarb "CSC" , 

Craig "Miles Offshore"  "CSC", Samuel Corey "CSC", Scott Patton "CSC",  

Otto "Four_Boat_Theory" - Culyer Asscociates,Inc."CSC", "Rich"  Mannillo "CSC"

James Quirk "CSC",  "Joey" "CSC", D. Marvin "Abe's Rocket"- "CSC", "Hammer "-"CSC" , 

"John R"- "CSC" , "Ed Mancini"- "CSC" ,  Scott "ScottM" McLleod -"CSC",

Capt. Diego "Reel Smoker" - "CSC"

The Broward Business Network ! 

 A LOT ! all eXtra needed supplies listed below were provided by this Group!.

"2" Volunteers for Tuesday Run: Allan Stolman & Rod Eason. following with Donated Supplies ! 

 Batteries, Flashlites, candles, butane lighters, tarps, Ladies Items, Skeeter spray, , potato chip misc. small packs, misc.cracker packs., animal crackers for the Yung'uns (Mostly), dog - cat food & leftover Cash for Sub's! .........

Laura Valle, Giovanna &Laura Nicole

Diapers & Baby Wipes


These Individuals & Families !

Mr. & Ms. R. LaValley

Tom Glancy

Linda & Charlie Parker

Linda & Howard "Buck" Buckley 

"Digger" & Terri O'Dell

Rick & Cay Batchelor

Sharon & Jody Blue

Insecticides ; 

Bob Caine's Pest Control Specialists ,also 2 - 24 pack's of water.

Verdicon / Subsidiary of United Agri Propucts Inc.

SMCP Sourthern Mill Creek Products of Ohio Inc.

Impact Designs of Homestead for Free Water Signs ! Lost one due to a low Tree ! Also Replaced the LOST one !

If You Do not See Your Name Here PLEASE Notify Me ASAP!

If You would not want Your Name Here I will post Your Initials only !

Scream'n Reels'

Capt. Brad

I have not taken Pic's of Individuals as I think it may seem like I'm trying to Commercialize this effort !

It is given & We are Thanked ! This is all I need & I'm passing the Gratitude back to all of YOU !


 Unloading 1st Load  


Water waiting? for Delivery ? Over 12 pallets!(+ Our 8) Juz' Sitt'n!  This Burn'd Me up!     


 Reloaded with water for distribution! My Way ! Directly to the People !

An earlier load that was in cardboard boxes, Wet & in need of Delivery.





I do have a few photo's of the Destruction,  The News has more.

Its tough to see ! I know 1st hand of what these Folks are Going thru & What They are Going to GO thru!

This was Tough, Seemed like We were re-Living the "Storm" !





One of the Many parks, We went to, The water was dropped off at the Clubhouses (where there is one) for them to Distribute. Otherwise We drive thru the Park & distribute. Same thru the Homes.

2nd run



Dirt / Gravel roads , Way back in east Punta Gorda. These  Folks really need the 

delivery. Most cannot leave ! Here's Your Contributions / Help !

 In both these areas We had to lift the power lines up to get under them.




Lil' Tricky Driving, another Rural area that Help has not found ! Hope I don't have to find it again ??

Somewhere between Punta Gorda & Arcadia. 





  Some of The "Water Front" / Canal Shot's. This will be tough to clean!




3rd Run










Ice Chest of SUBWAY "Sub's" , They went Fast!!



ooWeee ! Looks tight up ahead !This is what's gonna take a LOT of Time ! So many Live Oaks & trees down everywhere ! There are Houses scattered all throughout the area. A lot of area to cover. This Rig is as Tall as Wide !


This one May Shift My LOAD of Water ! Nice & Easy ! Some Bou' Cou' 

Mess round here !

(How'd Ya guess I'm from Louisiana?) 



From the Other side ! Shot from Allan.



Summary of Donations & Debits



Donations $$  -----------------------------     $1036.02   

PayPal, Cash, Checks.


Wal-Mart     -------------------------------  <$157.42>

Bug Spray/Wipes- 2nd run

Blake Chevy  ------------------------------   <$  90.00>

Water 2nd Run /1 pallet 

This is where/how it started! Donation site.

Publix     ----------------------------------    <$720.00>

Water Complete 3rd load 1440 gal.s@.50

SUBWAY -------------------------------     <$100.37>

Sub's (40)

                                             Total Debit       <$1067.79>


                                     Total Donations        <$1036.02>

                                           Total debits          $1067.79

                                                     Total        <$   31.77>


*This amount Will be Made up By a              $    31.77*

  Contributor that agreed to pay for

  any outstanding Diff.!


Balance _______________ $ 0.00   eXactly where I wanted it !


A total of $398.98 Was made in Supplies ! *

*Not included in above totals as it was purchased, then remainder of cash was given which bought Sub's.

which is included above.



All * Went Directly (HANDED) to Hurricane Charley Victims !!

This Has been A Wonderful Experience !

I Cannot Thank all Of YOU for Helping !

* Some of the Donations & Water went to needed Distribution sites!

Salvation Army, Church's, American Legion, Distribution site (at a 

Demolished Convenience store)  

These Sites were giving & will Continue to Give to Many needy People. 






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