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Sea Craft Project


            See what the Frenzie is All About !

               These are the ones that didn't get away!!    

                  Below are some snapshots from a few friends and happy  customers that have   landed a few fish (and a little prize money) using one of our hand crafted lures. 

Red is a Tournament Winner !!  

New Sign the Guest book / Testimonials ! 

            Click on the photo's for a Larger View !!


John Glista

With One of "13" Dolphin


 A Tuna!

Way to Go John G!

Another photo of

Jack & Dad John!

Key Largo,Fl.







of a Kind


Jack Glista with a "Tarpon"

"Tarpon" on a Trolling Lure!

Key Largo 8/23/08

& Another

"King Salmon"

Lake Michigan / Port of Manistee

Caught By

Capt. Mike Patterson &

John Engelbert (Boat Owner)

Caught on a Frenzie Jigolo

1oz.Chrome bullet with collar

 Downrigged behind a

"Fish Catcher"

Capt. Mike Runs  "2" Boats

27' Grady White- Manistee, Mi.-Sengs Marina

24' Sea Ray Islamorada-Fl. Keys-Whale Harbor



Mark Melhado


One of the Many Dolphin caught

in the keys!

~~~~ <*(((((><{ ~~~

Captain Alex and Captain Mark both from the lower keys with a 46+ bull. Captain mark fought the fish in 850' off American Shoal fishing with Captain Bill Welder on the    "Keyed Up"



I went out with a buddy of mine today. 400 ft deep downrigger at 50 ft,  a frenzie glow in the dark slant face  Pink  & blue skirt double rigged Bally.. Looking for Wahoo.. Got this instead 48.lbs...  "Tang" ~ 12/08

Benny_BigDawgJames1.jpg (38828 bytes)  

"Benny" & "Big Dawg" James


A good day yes in deed, when using frenzie lures caught off shore in 200 feet running to fish another deep wreck when we ran up on some debris in toss the only rod with a frenzie lure in before you know we all had a great dinner

"Big Papa"

Tourny Winner!!!


Grove Harbor Rodeo

Biggest Fish / Biggest Dolphin!!

Big Papa Fishing Team


Another fine Dolphin

Capt. Bill Welder


305-744--4474  H  /  305-395-0850 C     Cudjoe Key ,Fl.  MM 21 



With a Couple of

"Mahi Mahi"




Check this "SAIL" out !

Chris Church

Outta Homestead,Fl.







40# Dolphin 25 Mi. off 

Key Largo, Fl.

Capt.J.Stewart Gemmell

















Capt. Bill Welder


couple of Nice WaHoo !


305-744--4474  H  /  305-395-0850 C     Cudjoe Key ,Fl.  MM 21       

"Big Papa"

38.4 # Mahi Mahi

Big Papa Fishing team

trevor and 1st dolphin 16.jpg (59585 bytes)

Trevor S. From TeXas with

1st Dolphin !!



Trevor and Tuna Lil Jigolo.jpg (62535 bytes)

Trevor & a "TUNA"

Fish'n with "Woody"

Caught a the New

Lil' Jigolo !(Metal Head) 1 oz.

A total of 2 dolphin & a Tuna

You know it was a Great Time Fish'n When ---

The Smile is as Wide as the Fish !!!!

Trevor w/ 16# Dolphin

Capt. Chuck Riley in the boat.jpg (114385 bytes)

Capt. Chuck & His Fish'n Buddy "Riley"

Capt. Chuck pulling platypus.jpg (97858 bytes)

Capt. Chuck Showing the ACTION of the


Tomas K dolp.jpg (90032 bytes)

Thomas K.

"Frenzie's Really Work"

for the 1st Time Angler with a 


Dolphin !!

Ever Wonder Why Dolphin Hang around SeaWeed ?

Man 0 Man They'll eat anything !


WaHoo Tang 04_22_04.jpg (147834 bytes)

The "Tang"

WaHoo !!


thomas k dolp 2.jpg (62421 bytes)

Another shot of Thomas & His 1st Dolphin !!!

Congratulation's !


Rich  M. Fish'n with the "Tang"




Yep, They have TEETH !!

What could the "Tang" have Here ?

Click to find out !

Tang Pair of Kings 04_22_04.jpg (56142 bytes)


With a Pair of 


Tom & Marilyn

Lucky Dolphin !

Marilyn with another 

Lucky Dolphin

Ikan B.

Fishing with 

Capt. Chuck S.

Caught this "Bonita" on a







A Dolphin

Out oh Homestead,Fl.

OTTO is waiting for Warmer Weather !(Lake Ontario)

Keeping the Frenzie's working thru the Off Season !

Dolphin5.jpg (9890 bytes)


Capt. Chad Norris


Team "Bite Me"



Port Canaveral , Fl


Carla W. 

With another 


Whew! Are there any left?


Img_0212.jpg (45206 bytes)

Here's Your chance to Win A Free Lure !

Once a month one is given away !

Free Lure

click here !!

Lure will differ from photo

Dons-Dolphinbrian.jpg (223286 bytes)

Capt. Brian


A "Happy Fisherman"

Aboard the

"Island Runner"

Key Largo, Fl.


Wahoodonnad.jpg (49522 bytes)

Donna Doud with a "Wahoo" off of Plantation Key!    "Bullet"


ty_sm.jpg (3668 bytes)
Frenzie does it again for Tyler Glenn. Caught aboard the "First Light"  summer of '99
12 Pound Dolphin  /   "Pusher"
On the wait.JPG (58380 bytes)

Carla & Woody's Favorite Frenzie !(Shhhhh)

Wait'n for some Action !


SailfishCatchbrianjoe.jpg (105559 bytes)

Capt. Joe & Capt. Brian


caught w/ a "Frenzett"


"Island Runner"

Key Largo , Fl.




Capt. Mike Patterson

Some "Happy Fishermen"

(Caught with a Custom "Tuff Ship" Frenzie)

Aboard the 

"Tuff Ship"

Whale Harbor, Islamorada , Fl.


Another "Sail"


"The TANG"

What'a Beauty !!






Carla W Dolphin 04.JPG (76858 bytes)

Not even Weather can

Foul this Gal' !

Carla W. fishing from 

"Just One More" 

Outta Homestead,Fl.

1 of 8 !



Carla Dolphin 2 1_04.JPG (75745 bytes)

Another one !

Stiff Nor' East'r Blowin thru !

Yes We get' em Too !

(Just Warmer)

Hey a Frenzie Lure Bag !

lower transom seat.

alisa.jpg (22733 bytes)


with a "South" Florida


Out of Homestead ,Fl.




Amy Barlett

"Beastie Girls Fishing Team"



Caught Aboard the





This WaHoo was caught during the

Coconuts Fishing Tourny.

On a Pink & White Platypus

Khan (Holding a Dolphin)

Woody W. (Cleaning the Rest)

Caught off of Pacific Light, Fl.




Pat catches a WaHoo out of 

Black Point Marina




Jean Haas 

wins 3rd Place in the Homestead Kiwanis Fishing Tournament


Glen and dolphin.jpg (240708 bytes)

Glenn & His


John E., Rod E. & Vito B.

A few Dolphin

Just a Day of Fun

In The 

Florida Keys !!

John Eason's


Caught w/ a 

Platypus !!



Adam G. truck 003.jpg (86457 bytes)Andrew G frenzie 001.jpg (28616 bytes)

How's This for a "Custom Truck" !!

& Frenzie !

Adam G. Marathon , Fl.

Jimmy Glisson  

wins 7th place in '99 Coconuts Tournament             "PLUNGER"              



with a Dolphin

Supplied by "TANG"

alldol.jpg (43383 bytes)

Allan S.

Pair a Dolphin !!


Kahn w/ Dolphin


Woody w/ Frenzie Fishing Team "T"

With one of their Many Dolphin !


Couple of Happy Clients


Capt. Wayne


Capt. Duane

Capt. Wayne w/ Anglers !


Email Captain Duane

Chesapeke Resort

mm 83.5 Islamorada,Fl.

Ocean Side




more photos


"Official" Frenzie truck!

Owned by Adam G

Work'n on More Toy'z !

SeacraftFin. 002.jpg (52598 bytes)

My Skiff




Master Angler




See the Complete Restore!


eXcept for the Pain!


Click Photo for Link!



"Tony" Awarding

Miss "Z"

2003 Grove SLAM !!

1st place Ladies Division


Caught on a Frenzie !!


sponsored Tourny.

Photo's by 

Nitty Gritty Graphics (Greg G.)

Miss "Z" 

With Her Catch !

Weigh in at the

"Grove SLAM '03"



kristen.jpg (9160 bytes)


Team "Bite Me"



Port Canaveral , Florida


big king2.jpg (96980 bytes)

Killer "KING"


Plug weighed in at

69 #'s

Bahamas / The "TANG"


tomglancyboat.jpg (44408 bytes)

Tom Glancy

Tampa, Fl.


karen&dolphin1.jpg (11511 bytes)

Karen & Dolphin

Capt. Bob Norris


Port Canaveral , Florida


Help Me get ol' Capt. Crazzzy Wetlocks a home !

Put Your Catch Here !

Big-Wahoobrian.jpg (65193 bytes)




Caught on the 

"Island Runner"



    big marlin.jpg (14460 bytes)

         "Surf's UP !"  

             "Black Marlin"     

               Capt. M. Green  /   Pusher     



Register for a FREE Frenzie !


Img_0205.jpg (46816 bytes)

Click the Frenzie


TunaCatchjoe.jpg (104195 bytes)

Angler & Capt. Joe

aboard the 

"Island Runner"



Want a

Frenzie Vinyl Logo ?!

Send $2.00

Free with order !





caught off of 

Jupiter, Fl./ "TANG"

Allan Stolman  

         More of His Dolphin below

jim tuna great.jpg (307134 bytes)

Yellowfin Tuna



Honey get the "TIDE" ready !


1143.5marlin.jpg (50864 bytes)

1134.5 lb.

 Pacific Marlin 

caught off of Kona, Hawaii


Allan's other Dolphin Red/Black Pusher


Mo, Mate & Bull.JPG (607575 bytes)

Monica "MO" Ray

with Her 2002

"1"st Place wining

Dolphin 38.5#

Coconut's/Key Largo


The "Hasseanda"




Jaime from Germany 

aboard the Haaseanda




1999ladies2a.jpg (181129 bytes)

Cathy Ball

Won 1999 

Original Ladies dolphin Tourn'y

See Tourn'y page



Travis Glenn

  wins 1st place in Jr. Division 


Homestead Fishing Tournament   "PUSHER"


Jason & Friend

South Miami


Capt.Wayne_Cathy+Dave McCul.JPG (45209 bytes)

Capt. Wayne Richardson, David & Cathy McCullors caught out of Key Largo , Fl.



Wayne Haas 

aboard the Haaseanda 




jim_tuna_great.jpg (307134 bytes)

Jimmy Reitz Yellow fin Tuna, Panama

John Patnik & Friends 

Blue Marlin

I recently went to Panama on a fishing trip.   I brought one of your lures (Pusher). This is what I caught with it.  Thanks
George Tanguay The "TANG"
Won a Custom Personalized Frenzie!!



dave1.jpg (36081 bytes)
Caught on God's on Goggle Eye!
Dave  Eshack


 His Dolphin Caught w/Custom "RENE" Pusher Green yellow /Hot pink


blumarlinmg.jpg (127492 bytes)

    "Blue Marlin"    

            Floyds Wall, Islamorada, Fl. 

              Capt. M. Green    





Capt.Wayne_Cathy+DaveMcCull.JPG (34880 bytes)  

       Capt. Wayne Richardson  (center)

           Cathy & Dave McCullors          Key  Largo, Fl

Jim & Rene





George Tanguay The "TANG" &

Richard McCollum

renehoundfish.jpg (54618 bytes)

Rene with a


Klause from Germany

catches an Atlantic Sail  


allandolwah.jpg (65469 bytes)

Allan S.

Dolphin & Wahoo

Just a Day of FUN !!




Capt. Jr.jpg (176804 bytes)

  "Capt. JR"
Won "Fishing for Miracles" Tourney '00
Holiday Isle ,Islamorada, Fl.
Ph.# 1-800-473-4106
Website: captainj-rcharters.com






Hurt'n Muscles 

WaHoo !!




kim marlin.jpg (76930 bytes)

Striped Marlin

Kim Waters

Bay of Plenty,

New Zealand












GI fish.jpg (19826 bytes)



caylogo.jpg (67719 bytes)

Frenzie @ the Famous

"Lone Star"

(all You can EAT Spiny Lobster !)

Cayman Island

Waiting for You !!

mermaidblonde.gif (8319 bytes)

Want this on a Frenzie !


     " Now This Is FISH'N " !!!!!


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All Photo's Submitted Can , May or Will be used in Advertising or Printed and used at Tourny's or Shows!

Please only Submit FISH Caught on Frenzie Lures !!

See any Doubles Claimed else where Let Me KNOW !


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