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"High Speed Trolling Lures" & "2" Piece Quick Change Metal Heads

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Sea Craft Project


Once a month we give away one of our handcrafted lures. It may be a Resin Head , a New 2 piece, or Lil' Jigilo ! We start taking entries at the first of every month, and draw the winner at the end of the Month! After confirmation of shipping address. We send out the free lure.  .  Simply fill out the form below, click the "Submit" button, and you will be automatically be entered.  It's just that easy!

BE SURE and Include Your e-mail as this is the only way to respond !

(You are not put on a mailing list ! Just tell Everyone about Our sight & Frenzie's)

You may receive a Frenzie or New 2 Piece Head or Lil' Jigolo !





1 Entry per Person / e-mail address.  


                                                                                                                          Lure Will differ.

                                                                                                                        from photo!


Gift Certificates also Available !

Just e-mail & use Gift Certificate as Subject.

                                          * Required fields *

Name :   * 

Address :* 

City :     *   , State : *                                        

Zip Code :* Country :                                        

Telephone :  

E-Mail :**                                


To help keep cost down (advertising), Please let Us know where or how You found us !!

Cost has not changed since 1990 !!!!!!


How'd You find Us ???

Comments / Suggestions / ?'s/ or Just Anything !



Please only ONE Entry per Month!!    All Duplicates will be "safely" released / Cut !

Name & Address's including .E-mails are our property!. Protected like Our favorite Fishing Holes & Lures !!  NEVER GIVEN OUT OR SOLD !!! First Name & last Initial, City & State or (Country) will be shown as winner! You MUST respond after the 3rd attempt(9-10 days) the Frenzies will go to another Winner !! To many have been released only to come back !


Sept.99-Donna D., Key Largo, Fl.*Oct.99-Paul W. Tallahassee, Fl.*Nov.99-Dan I., KeyLargo. Fl. Dec.99-Manuel D., Toa Baja, Puerto Rico*JAN."2000" Bob S.,High Springs, Fl.

*Feb.00- Bob F.  Auburn N.Y.*Mar.00-Tom M., Holiday, Fl.*Apr.00-Dean R., Prince George, B.C.*May.00-Rick  H., Homestead, Fl.*June 00-Marv B., Boca Raton, Fl.*July-(P)???????*Aug.00-William D. Palmharbor,  Fl.*Sept.00- Scott M, Evans, Ga.*Oct.00-Steve D., San Francisco, Ca.* Nov.00 Richard M., Adelanto, Ca. *Dec 00-Capt.Roger R.,  Mobil, Al .*Jan.01-Bob M.,  Homestead, Fl. *Feb 01-(PR)???,*Mar.01-Steve D. Norfolk, Va.*Apr.01 Capt. Aubrey S. (Fishing Tourney's ?)  *May 01 Capt. Billy P. TeXas * June 01 Jill S. Long Island N.Y. * July 01  Capt. Bill S.      Aug.01 Sea Rig Charters/Chad N. Cocoa, Fl.* Sept. 01 Frank D., Katy  TeXas *Oct.01 Bill  S., San Diego  Ca. *Nov.01 Stu  P.,  L.I. New York * Dec.01 Sandy H. , Mn. *Jan.02 Silvia D. ,PB Fl. *Feb.02 ??? *Mar.02 Shaun S. Ca. *Apr.02 Trina B. Galv. TeXas *May 02 Gilbert T. La. *June 02 Capt. Jennifer S.,N.Y. *July 02 Crazy Willy, Mo. Aug.02  Capt Joe F. Ms.  Sept. 02 Sally B. Richmond, Va. Oct. 02 Tim D. TeXas  Nov. 02 Kim R. Mo.

 Dec.02 Capt. Tony W.P.B., Fl. , Jan. 03 Steve Galveston,TeXas.Feb.03 Billy P. N.J.

Mar. 03 Capt. Jim..S , N.O. La., April (p) ,May 03 Jennifer Moss Point, Ms. June (PR)

July 03 Capt.Tim R. Jacksonville,Fl. Aug. 03(P) Sept. 03 Jon R. Miami, Fl.

Oct.'03 Robin D. Calif. Nov. 03 (PR)  Dec. 03 Billy O .Kona ,Hi. Jan 04 ,Barbara S. 

Houston , Tx.* Feb. 04 Monty L. Key Largo , Fl * March 04 Sebastian K. Mi.

*April 04 Jose D. Miami , Fl. *May  Billy P. San Fran.Ca., June 04  Jennifer G. Tampa ,Fl 

   July 04 Brandon W.,Norfolk Va. Aug 04 Sam R .Mi. Sept.04 .Dr.Linner,Ca.   

Oct.04, Stephenie B. TeXas Nov.04 "JR" La.Dec.04-Kyle.Ma.* Jan 05 Steve J. Naples Fl. Feb.05 William D. PalmHarbor,Fl (2nd Time!) Mar.05 No Winner -April 05 Johnny P. Ca.

May 05 Dennis R. Alaska June 05 Betty N. Al. July (Vacation) Aug 05 ??

Sept.05 Capt. Rob G. Miami Fl. Oct. 05 Nov. 05 Carlos H. Hialeah , Fl.

Dec. 05 Ann T. Galveston, Tx.

 Jan. 06 ??????


(PR) Pending  Response  from Winner

(P) Pending Winner




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Frenzie Lures, Inc. Melbourne, Florida 32935 -

 Phone   321-506-8930 ~ E-mail: feeding@frenzie.com