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Sea Craft Project




Frenzie Lures as a different name was started in the early 70's by Mr.. Tom. C. Riley. He started in Hawaii & as His business (Job) moved him around the World, He made & tested lures everywhere. The    Pusher was one of the first of trolling lures. Plungers, chuggers etc developed from this early design. They were not only tested in the waters off of Hawaii they were tested in a water chamber to get the correct hole size 2.2mm along with the correct leader 1.9mm to maximize the Smoke. They also have a parabolic curve  to keep them running straight & smooth with the water force around the shape. The Frenzie Pusher is made from the "Original" Master circa ' 74.I was introduced to TC back in ' 90 , After a few years of admiring and fishing these Hand poured & polished lures I became his distributor (finally) in ' 95.As I had more ?'s about the process & His health was taking a turn for the worse I started helping in the shop. In ' 99 I eventually bought the  company & changed the name actually the name & logo came to Me in a Dream! I made the Lures which He still inspected Carefully. I also have the same determination to help others catch Fish, Fooling & catching  them is the ultimate goal. I would come up with new ideas( Cowboy for one) & some drastic  ones (Platypus). He would just give that what in the world look & then talk about the first lures out & their designs & flops. I also started putting Names, Logo's etc in the heads way back ,pre '98. I also experimented with different inserts, round instead of square, made a more balanced lure. I also made the solid  swirled bowling ball look, metallic glitter , Glow green, red , blues ,purples , - Rattles, shell inlays etc. I tried every crazy thing I could!  A lot of My ideas came from Bass fishing .Most of them worked & some made some very interesting paper or Trash weights. They are still catching fish WorldWide. Many Tournaments have also been won. I have Captains that test these lures  (new designs) & use their strict input or output. Frenzie cannot be found in any tackle shops as they are custom made one at a time. Each one is individually mixed ,colored, poured & polished. 50 + colored skirts are carried to match the heads as best they can. The doubled skirts are tied on . Easy to change or replace. Each skirt is chosen to complement the head color (s) and style that in turn is selected for the type of fish you are after. (Some Captains have strange color request). Each head style I have personally made either out of aluminum or wood none are copied off other manufactures. You may have to wait for these but are well worth it.  Frenzie™ Lures, Inc. is dedicated to bringing you the finest in hand-crafted fishing lures. We specialize in the creation of unique lures that are crafted to your needs as a fisherman. 

  I ,Capt. Brad started My Fishing CAREER as a Young'n fishing off a Cypress knee in the Bayou's of Louisiana .(My folks always told Me that I wasn't born, They just found Me sitt'n on a Cypress Knee!) Trot lines ,catfish (Sometimes Grappling, Oh yea water moccasins do BITE underwater) White Perch, Bass, bout' all freshwater fishing. I then started RoughNecking on Oil Rigs More Fishing!, After a bout with DyNoMite in the Hole I changed My profession to boating. Working from the Deck all the way up to Master Captain of Supply Vessels(155' -196'). Evacuating Oil Rigs during Hurricanes (Approaching) & w/ Mr. Red Adair" in '79 IXTOC Oil Rig Fire in Mexico. Twice there & then back for 2 Years!PS. It didn't Burn & Sink.... It was Blown up in Deeper water.. Now that's Bottom Fishing (Around Oil Rigs). Cobia, Tuna, Grouper, Red  Snapper, Kings. Name em' We caught em' Once tangled with a Great  White with a hand line, that Hurt, both released unharmed!! But it was Fun! All the Fish were Huge back then. Made a lot of Lures out of Table spoons & Yellow Poly rope. Close Hanger Leaders & Nylon rope as My line. Being pulled behind a 186 footer with that kind of wake was interesting. Nothing like trolling a couple Hundred miles. Sometimes the bottom was no where to be found which produced some unidentifiable critters. I then started running a 110' Halter in Isla del Carmen ,Mexico, 2 years. Now this was Fishing! Just about every species of deep water fish! Also the back waters of this Island was Virgin territory. Perch with TEETH! Only once did I lip lock those fish. Huge Tarpon, Offshore too. The Yucatan has beautiful rivers that are filled with fish. Bird feathers tied to hooks worked well their. Getting the birds was the tough part. Fortunately Iguanas or ?? likes them too. I've hardly been able to pass any body of water & not tried to fish it. Just wanting to see what swims there is intriguing. I've got My favorite fishing holes in Austria too. Most Fish were caught on Lures that I made out of soft metals , epoxies, wood whatever i could mold or shape. The fortune I found in meeting TC was the best I could hope for in a friend a teacher. Making Lures & Fishing! I now am able to Help others Fool these fish & get them into a Feeding Frenzie!

Scream'n Reels'

Capt. Brad


   Frenzie's™ can be made with Your color combo's. Over 50 colored skirts available. Also add Your Name/Boat or Company Logo's! They will even Rattle & Glow if You want them too.  Drop us a line, and feel free to ask us any questions that will help make your selection easier. Frenzie's are Truly Custom made for You! Gotta Idea ? Let Us know & We'll try it !

Check out Custom lures !!!!!!!!!               Click Photo for more custom lures !

To customize Your own Frenzie click here.

Coming Soon   

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The "BIG ONE" a 16" Teaser/Lure !!! It's Here !! Actually right at 16" x 2" for the Pusher & just under 18" x2" for the Bullet !! A plunger is also available. Their so noisy  You better keep them out of Earshot ! The Glowers are brilliantly bright (Green-Blue-Red) for (Swordfish & Marlin-??) , Lil more testing in the Florida Keys & they'll be ready for full production !!

Now Available ! Frenzett's

  Frenzett !       6" long Smaller version.                                     Img_0004.jpg (54980 bytes)

All ready proving themselves w/ The Frenzie™ Testing Fleet !!     Click photo for more !!

The "Korkie" Cork Head Any 2 colored skirts "RATTLES".3 - 6 knots. Another proving Catcher !! (take a look At our Lures) Can't loose this One it Floats !! In Production !!

Have a Favorite trolling Lure (Resin) that needs repairing or skirting, We can do it !

Click to enlargeWe use only the Highest Quality Skirts from Yo-Zuri , Yamashita & Boone, Just to name a few, This is how we can offer Hundreds of color combinations !! Their  famous designs and brilliant color combinations are known the world over as the pace setters in the bait skirt industry. Witchcraft™ Tapes are used inside the Lure Heads as there Reflective Brilliance is unsurpassed. Frenzies™ are $28.95 and are shipped UPS with no handling charges .   . (Click the photo at the right for a larger look at our amazing lures!) 



Cut Bait Special!(Frenzie™'s only)
Frenzie™ also has available lures with slight imperfections that occurred while undergoing the hand molding process.  You can now buy these lures for 1/2 off the current list price.  That's only $14.50 for our uniquely hand crafted lures!  Order now!

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Frenzie Lures, Inc. Melbourne, Florida 32935 -

 Phone   321-506-8930 ~ E-mail: feeding@frenzie.com


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