Now What do I get Them ? No Problem here ! Just get them a Gift Certificate & Let Them Pick out what They want !

Buying Fishing equipment is like buying tools ! Every one has a purpose & place ! Over the Years I've found it to be a ? of just what to get Someone else. Even knowing this person makes it difficult. So Here Ya go! What color / Size / Shape ,Do I get?

The Coupon will be Mailed to the "Fisherperson" or to You ! Whichever is best !

You can pick out one of the pre-determined amounts or Any amount !

       Gift Certificate
This certificate entitles ;           The Following "Fisherperson"
To : Mr." Bo’Jangles"                            "EXample"
$100.00 Worth of Frenzie Fishing Stuff !

Frenzie Lures Inc.

Melbourne , Fl. 32935

From ; Ms. "Bo' Jangles" Authorized by Capt. Brad
321-506-8930 Enter date here 01/01/05
Expires: 1 Year from Date of Purchase
Not redeemable for cash. Redemption value not to exceed $25.00



Gift Certificate
This certificate entitles  "Gift Recipient"
To :
$25.00 - $50.00. $75.00 - $100.00 -$150.00-$200.00 .Custom $

Frenzie Lures Inc.

Melbourne,Fl. 32935

From You / Any Name - Secret Fisherperson Authorized by
321-506-8930 Enter date here
Expires   1 Year from Date
Not redeemable for cash. Redemption value not to exceed $00.00

Enter the Amount that You want the Gift Certificate to be into the Required Box at the Pay Pal checkout. You can just Mail a check for the Amount also! That Easy !

                                                               E-Mail The Amount of "Gift Cert"



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