"Classic SeaCraft" & Frenzie Lure Raffle

"700" Member Celebration !

Below are the "7" frenzie's being Raffled off.

The set Includes ;

1 Platypus (Platypus lip shape) Slo-Med speed, No tag bait, *Top lure in photo

Slo -  Zig-Zag wide w/occasional run to surface then down to Z & Z again

Med - Will push water on surface (Lots)


2 Bullet's (pointed) Med-Hi speed, tag bait (cut ,BallyHoo etc.) *1st & * last lure

straight runner at all speeds 

when med trolling place in spread w/other lures, w/ cutbait-hoo will get most hits


1 Pusher (flat Face) med - Hi speed, tag bait, Glow Head & Skirt *2nd lure

Straight runner ,Smoker, good all around


1 Peanut (Barrel Shape) med - Hi speed, tag bait, *3rd lure

straight runner w/ some Wobble smoker


1 Cowboy (Scooped face) Slo-Hi Speed, No tag bait, *4th lure

Slo-  Zig Zag (Smooth slip) action, HI- straight w/Rooster tail


1 Plunger (Slant Face) Slo speed, No tag bait, *5th lure

Zig Zag (sharp)


This what these Frenzie's are supposed to do ??



Slo 6-9 knts ; Med - 9 * 12 knts ; Hi- 12-How fast can Ya Goooo!(bullet) Way way back !


Lures will/can work at diff. speeds depending on placement, weather,Sea's, etc.



Click on the photo's for a Better View !

CSC_Frenzies6_008.jpg (51421 bytes)

CSC_Frenzies_002.jpg (37518 bytes)

CSC_Giveaway_003.jpg (27981 bytes)

Just Added !!

Frenzetts _korkie 006.jpg (83824 bytes)Frenzetts _korkie 007.jpg (83555 bytes)Frenzetts _korkie 001.jpg (43233 bytes)

Click photo for larger photo

 Top; Pusher                         

Mid; Bullet                         

                Bottom; Plunger                                 

This photo show's the Type/Style of the "3" Just added Frenzett's

 NOT Custom w/ CSC Logo.

1 Ticket $10.00 , 3 for $15.00




All proceeds go to the software/maintaining of the "CSC" Site, Which We all have gained from !

Scream'n Reel's








              e-mail Me w/ Any ?'s 



The Only thing I want is Your Smiling Face holding up That FISH (s) !!!!!

It's OVER for a List of "Winners" go to the "Classic SeaCraft" site & do a Search for Frenzie!