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Now Sizes from

.3oz. to 66 Oz.'s !

3 Skirt styles; Vinyl, Hair, Mylar


  "1" piece Head



This is the "1" piece Lil Bullet "Lil' Jigolo's"

2 piece heads 1 3 lil bull.jpg (22303 bytes) 2 piece heads 1 rub myl.jpg (20155 bytes) 2 piece heads 1 Mylar fly.jpg (16754 bytes)  Jigolos 002.jpg (107691 bytes)  Jigolos 006.jpg (82772 bytes) Click to enlarge

1 Oz.

Different Styles. Mylar , Rubber or Both.

Collar gives a Head / Gill movement action  ,Tentacles etc.

No Collar gives a smooth action.

Red, Chartreuse, Blue, Black, Yellow or Pink Mylar colors ,Any Combo You want !

run with / without  strip / cut bait. ballyhoo ,Daisy chain.

Great for Light tackle use ! Troll or cast.

Straight Runner , Great for Spinning set up's (light Tackle), Being Tested For Salmon (Just Caught see Gallery), Stripers . (Northern Fish) Great Lakes !

Be The First ! Send a Photo with the Lure & Fish ,fresh water & Win a set of "2" Lil' Jigolo's !

Just caught a PERMIT !! Photo coming soon ! Dolphin Love dem' Lil Jigolo's!!

 Free Lure Giveaway !  Here's Your Chance !

                                                                Jigolos 004.jpg (81125 bytes)       Just caught a "KING SALMON" !!

                                                                                                                                               Check it Out !

Top;  With out collar

                                                                                Below;   With Collar                      Also Caught  a "Permit" Waiting on the Photo !



       1 oz Chrome over Brass with 3-D Red Eye Either Style w/ collar or straight  $10.00

                                                                              Mylar color Pick up to 3 Colors

                                                                                  .3 oz. Anodized Aluminum Bullet Head  $10.00

                                                                              Mylar color Pick up to 3 Colors

                                                                                                 "Lil Jigilo"

.3oz.  Red Eye Chrome $5.95

42# Yellow Fin Tuna !

caught with a Chrome Head (Bullet) & Green / Yellow V-Skirt


                                                                    Head Style
                                                                                                                                       Vinyl Skirt 2.5"


Aluminum  Bullet with 2.5" Vinyl Skirt $5.95

                                                                                                    Head Color
                                                                                                                                                                                            Vinyl Skirt 2.5"



Your out Fishing Hard & the Fish come out in a Frenzy ! You pull in that Toothy Fight'n Machine only to find Your Skirt is Ripped to pieces, Or You hear that Chatter on the radio That the WaHoo are Kill'n the Black/Red Bullets! Well Now You can change that skirt ! Also change from 1 of 3 Types & 11 + colors!

Vinyl, Mylar or Hair !

Nrw "Feathers!

3 Heads + 5 Skirts = 15 Lures !

4 Heads = 5 Skirts = 20 Lures!

Need a gift ,Just let  us know what type Fish is being targeted & We'll get You Set Up!


Imagine Your Tackle Box Now !

    "2" Piece Heads & Skirts


Just simply unscrew the Head from the skirt & slip on a different Color/Type skirt, Vinyl , Hair, or Mylar!


                                                                                                       All the Sizes , From 1.0 oz. , 2.0 oz. ,4.0oz , 8.0 , 14 Oz.(Pictured)

Sizes range from .3  to 66oz.'s


      Witch Hair"16"colors or Mylar All colors !! 



 Can be used on all lure Heads Quick change !! Interchange from Rubber to Witch style Hair to Mylar in seconds!


Choice of Head &  Skirt colors /types  below.



"1" per Customer, Address  Your choice of Color Skirt Vinyl & Head style    $10.00 

2oz. Size only ------  Limited Time !


                                                                                      Head Style
                                                                            "Vinyl" Skirt Color

2oz. "Hair" Skirt Special $12.00


                                                                                         Head Style
                                                                                "Hair" Skirt Color


2oz. Head with "Mylar" Skirt $12.00


                                                                                         Head Style
                                                                         "Mylar" Skirt Color  Pick up to "3" Colors



  2 piece heads  shower.jpg (15822 bytes)

2 oz. Bullet                                    2oz. Shower                                      2oz. Scoop


  w/ "Vinyl" skirt color choice  $18.00 $12.95


                                                                                      2 oz.Style Head
                                                                               "Vinyl" Skirt Color 

                                                                                                 "Hair" Skirt $13.95

                                                                                          2 oz. Style Head
                                                                                   "Hair" Skirt Color 


                                                                                                 "Mylar" Skirt $13.95


                                                                                        2oz. Head Style
                                                                                "Mylar" Skirt Color Pick up to "3" Colors


   2 piece heads  shower.jpg (15822 bytes)    



2 oz. Shower Head

Straight Runner with Spray/ Splash




2 oz / 4oz.. Scoop / Angled

Great for slower speeds ,Action Side to Side


These 4.0  Heads & Skirts are interchangeable with each other.

4.0 Oz. Heads W/Skirts


     Bullet                                           Ball Chugger                                      Scoop




                                                         Head with Double "Vinyl" Skirt $17.95


                                                                                                       Head Style

                                                                                              "Vinyl" Skirt Color


                                                                             Head with "Hair" Skirt $19.95

                                                                                                     Head Style

                                                                                               "Hair" Skirt Color



                                                                             Head with "Mylar" Skirt $19.95

                                                                                                        Head Style

                                                                                           "Mylar" Skirt Color

  Pick up to "3" Colors

Ctrl & tap to select  





 4.0 oz. Ball Chugger

Wobbles , fast Side to Side Wobble. Runs beneath the surface.

 During testing This lure stayed Under water & produced 2 out of 3 Fish (Dolphin, Mahi Mahi) !



8.0 oz. Bullet

$28.00   $24.95 w/Skirt  color of choice


                                                                                 "Vinyl" Skirt Colors
                                                                                      8oz. "Hair" Skirt
                                                                               8 oz."Mylar" Skirt Color

Pick up yo 3 colors

Hold down & select



The Whopper !

14 oz. !  Bullet

$37.95   $34.95  w/Skirt  color of choice


                                                                                 "Vinyl" Skirt Colors
                                                                                 14 oz. "Hair" Skirt
                                                                              14 oz. "Mylar" Skirt

Hold ctrl & select

 up to 3 Colors



"11"  Skirt Colors  "Vinyl"


2.0 - 4.0- 6.0 Skirts come in these "11" Vibrant colors !  All Skirts have Aurora finish !

Black / Green   #bg 

  Black / Purple  #bp 

   Black / Silver / Red #br 

          Black / Orange #bo


   Blue / White   #uw

  Blue / Pink  #up 


  Green / Yellow   #gy

   Green / Yellow / Orange #go

   Pink / White  #pw   

   Red / White  #rw 

$8.00 $pecial  $5.95

These Skirts are with Heads to show overall appearance, Heads not included with skirt

Extra  Insert/neck   

2oz. Small  $2.00

4oz. Medium Neck


               Free Lure Giveaway !  Here's Your Chance !

All Heads Have Bright RED 3 D Reflective Eyes .

Chrome over Brass Construction

All Skirts are "Double" (2) skirts , All Colors Include the "New" Aurora (Abalone) Look ! 

Can be Triple Skirted with Mylar Add color choice . $1.50

They will fit all the 2.0 oz. thru 6oz. Heads, Please specify Which size for correct neck size.


The under side of the Neck is Machined for the Spring Cone bait holder (upper left 2nd photo) as seen in photo.

The bait holder Locks over the bait pin & centers the strip / bait & holds in Place.

Also shown is the neck & 2 skirts & Side , Bottom of shower head



Buy 1 * 2.0 oz.* "2" Piece Head w/ Skirt


Get 2 X-tra skirts & a Xtra Neck


$22.00 !!


                                         Head Style
                                         Skirt Color Hold ctrl key to choose Your 3 Skirts

Dealer's / Tackle Shops Welcome on These Lures !

Click Here above or Call 305-247-0688 No Minimums.

also will fax order forms Just Ask!


9.5" Vinyl 5 Year Material Outlined.

Great for Vehicle windows, Boats, Fish Boxes etc


Free with Order

                                                                                  Logo Color


Be sure & check out the

Tourny Fish Bag !

20" x 60"


Also 30" x 72" !! Diff. from photo above (2) carrying handles.

(more Logo work Coming) see at stuff for sale !

Same as Soft bag below & Fish on the other side !

Room for Your Boat Name , Logo Boat #.

Large Pocket for Boat #'s or Rag !


Frenzie Fishing Team Shirts 


Soft Side Tackle Box !



Click Photo's to See !

More Stuff !

 Free Lure Giveaway !  Here's Your Chance !


Have Your Company ,Boat , Club  added to the Fish Bag !

e-mail or call for Specifics !!

Tournament Organizers Welcome also.

Pay me securely with any major credit card through PayPal!   
Pay me securely with any major credit card through PayPal!
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Free Lure Giveaway !  Here's Your Chance !


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