1983 "SeaCraft" Master Angler 


Before , During  &  After 

Not quite Finished (Are They EVER ?)

Original Built by SIC (SeaCraft Industries, Princeton, Fl.)

  5th hull of '83


This is one of those "PROJECTS" that started with a broke swivel/steering  bracket & Transom repair !

Well, the rest is of course $$$$$$ & Time & Sweat & @#^&*#!

A lot of Thanks to ALL the Boaters @ Classic SeaCraft.com


Where Theory's abound !!


Project started

 Sept 5,2002



Oct 4 ,2003

Any ?'s Feel Free to

e-mail Me



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If these photo's are to large please e-mail Me so I can re-size. 


Bow Clutter, Cleats, Anchor holder, Flag staff, lifting ring, running light (left photo)

boat3 006.jpg (50806 bytes)       seacraft5 023.jpg (23475 bytes)

OLD         /       New     

Pull up- running light, chocks & Lifting cleat.

(right Photo)


seacraft5 023.jpg (23475 bytes)      seacraft5 024.jpg (40722 bytes)

Down    /   Up    


seacraft5 022.jpg (356527 bytes)   seacraft5 021.jpg (34979 bytes)

seacraft5 020.jpg (14414 bytes)


No More TEAK !!

I love Wood on a Boat ,There was so little & with this South Florida Sun , Whew !

Love it ,  BUTTTTT 


Lipped Gunnel vinyl molding

"2" pieces 1 on each side.

Instrument Panel

seacraftcosole.JPG (10057 bytes)

seacraft4 007.jpg (76918 bytes)      SeacraftFin. 005.jpg (49325 bytes)

Old            /        New 

Almost finished !

instr.Panel Trim 002.jpg (67216 bytes)    100_0087.JPG (55529 bytes)



Making the one piece   / *   Done !!!!

        Trim for the Inst. Panel  / * W/O plexi-Glass

"2" sets   Dk. Gray & Clear  



Engine Cowling


The Ol' "Hot Rodder "


Engine Cowling Flamey 003.jpg (43590 bytes)   Engine Cowling Flamey 004.jpg (26994 bytes)



"Woody" Master Flamer Doing His Magic !!



Engine Cowling Flamey 001.jpg (45633 bytes)   Engine Cowling Flamey 005.jpg (48796 bytes)


Almost There !



Engine Cowling Flamey 006.jpg (54414 bytes)



Ghost Flames Finished !!


This outta add 40+ Knots !



Engine Cowling Flamey 009.jpg (33161 bytes)


Done !!

Very Hard to see in shade or dark.


console wiring ow.JPG (9104 bytes)

Console Pre-Wring "The Rat Nest"


Before !

WireBattOld.JPG (65184 bytes) WiringSeaSwitOld.JPG (57398 bytes) WiringElfri.jpg (52289 bytes)

WiringOldSwit.jpg (54653 bytes)   WiringBucketOld.jpg (85651 bytes)


These are photo's of THE "WIRING"



After !!


WiringDashNew.jpg (43731 bytes)  Wiring Bus Bar Loom.jpg (55771 bytes)  WiringBusBarNew.jpg (53149 bytes)

Instrument panel    /  Wire Loom  /  Bus Bar - Loom



WiingAmpBatChargNew.jpg (49828 bytes)


Stereo Amp  /  3 bank Batt Charger - Shelf



My Boy


hooverspic 010.jpg (67256 bytes)

What I feel & look like after a Day !

My Boy after helping Me !!


"6" (+) Biscuits a Day ! (Hour)

all 186 #'s

206.8 #'s


34" neck (collar)


hooverspic 009.jpg (80098 bytes) (18" Tile Floor) !

The Next Morn'n !


Hoover 010.jpg (159885 bytes)

Now at 206.8 ~ 211 #'s


7 , 8 Years & still Growing ??


boat3 001.jpg (53554 bytes)  boat3 004.jpg (65728 bytes)

Stern splashwell /before

boat3 002.jpg (55184 bytes) 

Anything More to be Said !?

Laissez Le Bon Temps Rouler !

Now Come told Me where I'm From !

"SeaCraft" logo By Rick see below or click the Logo!

SeaCraft photos 001.jpg (19640 bytes)Only Place I could put it ????

SeaCraft photos 006.jpg (40791 bytes)Diff. Angle .Where did the Flames Go ??

100_0005.JPG (27735 bytes)seacraft5 021.jpg (34979 bytes)

Inside after paint before completion/trim

also Rhino Liner

Stern Stuff

100_0078.JPG (33683 bytes)     100_0081.JPG (28255 bytes)

100_0085.JPG (64727 bytes)

Trim Tabs "Bennett"


boat3 003.jpg (94127 bytes)    stearn.JPG (37738 bytes)

Stern  before / after

SeaCraft photos 003.jpg (20663 bytes)    SeaCraft Transom New 001.jpg (37699 bytes) 


Polycast Acrylic backing for Transducer/Etc. 

4 holes in the Transom.....


SeaCraft Stearn Fin.jpg (62657 bytes)

I think she's Finished, W/ Swim platform

100_0004.JPG (35988 bytes)

Inside bow area during work.

rhinoboat.JPG (21139 bytes)

Matterhorn White (topside-deck-gunnels)

Cloud White (hull, Console.)

Gunnels ~~ Rhino Liner (Matterhorn White)



frenzie fish 019.jpg (51322 bytes)     IGFA Lures

"Classic SeaCraft" Lures


SeaCraft Bullet!

More Frenzies!

"Classic SeaCraft" Auction

Whoops! I'll make more as soon as I FINISH the ol' SeaCraft ! Yeah Right !

Img_0211.jpg (33151 bytes)

Free Lure Contest


Frenzie Lures , Inc.

Rolls Axle Trailer

SeacraftFin. 007.jpg (76220 bytes)

Whatta' Great Pull !

Smooth !



Bunks/cypress ~ Aluminum & S.S.


Torsion Bar System


Disc Brake's , S.S.


100_0039.JPG (41999 bytes)

Windshield "New"

Med Gray






Switch Panel Cover



SeacraftFin. 001.jpg (14716 bytes)





Instrument Panel

insrtfrnt.JPG (8189 bytes)   instrear.JPG (10296 bytes)

Fiberglass w/backing (mounting )pad 

Lg. SeaCraft console (20' MA)

Smoke & Clear plexi slide covers




SeacraftFin. 006.jpg (26784 bytes)

Access to the wiring & other Stuff. Hatch pops in/out.

Cushions coming soon !!

hooverboatoval.jpg (37981 bytes)


The Ballast !


Trim Tab     

Aboard The ol' SeaCraft.


Sure You can Have a BEER !

Go get it Yourself !!



211#'s & Still Grow'n ! ( I Think)

It's His Boat !


I know it!



Can U Believe IT !!!!!!!!!

SeacraftFin. 002.jpg (52598 bytes)SeacraftFin. 003.jpg (46792 bytes)SeacraftFin. 004.jpg (45366 bytes)

       Aft                     Mid                    Fore

               It was Fun, Buttttt Again ??????

SeacraftFin. 008.jpg (30048 bytes)

Just one of the "ShortCuts" -  SteamBoat Pass to the Key's 

Splash Day !!

A Few  "Custom " Touches  !

No more "Bugg'n " Me !

 1.        2. .



1. Rear Hatch can't open all the way due to angle cut.

2. 45* angle cut thru door then a Piano hinge does the trick !

3. Open Flip down & Opens completely up. No more broke doors !



           Life jackets stored under in front of the Leaning Post. With a Net,  Easy to Reach

                     Quick access !!! Dries Quickly too !

              Brad & Chris seacraft runnin 005.jpg (35849 bytes)     Brad & Chris seacraft runnin 001.jpg (45306 bytes) 

                    Finally Out !! Run to Key Largo !!

   Bimini Top

Just added 3/13/05

This all started with a Idea I had & well Here's what Happened !


 1.      2.

  3.       4.


1.  Bimini w/ support rods back for "running", & Looks

2.  Bimini rods forward (fish'n),

3.  Bimini closed rear ,     

4.  Bimini closed forward (Fish'n),

5  Bimini closed / storage (covered)





Accon Hardware. Quick release. These are Great

I wanted an all around top. A T-Top cannot be used where I live so I have to have a Bimini, More Sun coverage anyway. The problem is its always in the way somehow. This way I can have the support rods facing the rear , fold it up & run. When Fish'n I have the rods forward. This way when I have a Frenzie'd fish I can just un-clip the straps & push the whole top forward. Outta the Way ! I can close it forward & up, run also. When in storage / covered it lays flat. (The way it used to always be, & in the way) In the Winter way down here in South Florida I can completely remove the top ! Quickly. Nothing protrudes from the deck. This is a new style release from Accon that works . I had the other styles but these match the Non cluttered deck. The last photo is the pivot in without the strap. I can use it for the Fishing rod safety lines while Hi-Speed trolling those Frenzie Lures !

I've had this idea for some time & it all came together when talking with Accon. Just improvised by getting "6" quick release's.

I had the other style quick release's but did not match the Flat Look.


A Special Thanks  for All the Help & Great Pieces --

David Olmstead & Crew "Markey's Marine" ,Key Largo , Florida (Motor-trim-swivel/steering bracket--storage of motor till "She" was finished!) --- 305-852-3337  bmmskl@bellsouth.net

Rick Batchelor / Etched Impressions ---- SeaCraft & Mercury Logo's &( Frenzie logo's) http://www.etchedimpressions.com/   772-219-3913 Cool Stuff Here ! Does Boat graphics & lettering too !

Smitty's  Homestead , Florida. Bimini Top , Front Seat Cushions. Also has t-tops, Leaning post etc. (Bill & Robin)

http://www.smittysmarine.net/  800-338-0229

Efrain  Reyes Jr.---- Wiring ---

 Raciel Reyes ---- Fiberglass repairs ,Various other Boat repairs--

Doug Turner / Custom Plastics , Inc.--Windshield/Switch /Instrument Panel  Plexi-Glass covers

   work -- 305-232-1998

Accon Marine . Most Hardware , Bimini top quick release , Pull up cleats, Running lights ,lifting cleat etc. http://acconmarine.com/  (727) 572-9202

Archie-- Fiberglass & Paint (transom) 

Classic SeaCraft (Forum)  Theories/Ideas/Humor/ Know How/ Do's & Don'ts !!  www.classicseacraft.com

Louie Diaz -- New parts/Hardware etc./Connections

Deep 6 Marine Surveyors Inc. Beth, Mike & Tom, Whatta'  Great Survey ! Professional from 1st call to the colored Binder ! 305-235-1155  * 1-800-868-1155  e-mail    capttom1@bellsouth.net

Camp Out  -   For the Great Deal on the Rolls Trailer SS. Disc Tandem Torsion axle. All Aluminum & SS Steel,

           This is the Nicest, smoothest trailer I've pulled light !With the SeaCraft on it's really smooth !!


Rolls Axle Trailers -- Call "DAN" at 1-888-rolls52 or check His site out http://www.rollsaxle.com/

And Especially the "WIFE"  !! Whew !! 

    These are  the pics off My digi. camera Now I gotta' figure out how to scan the hard ones But most of Ya can imagine what She looked like before. Actual Tore apart photo's !!


Featured on "Soundings Magazine"! 09 /2010 By Steve Knauth

                           Click Link above



Feel Free to call or E-mail w/ ?'s!

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